Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She Came - Part 3

He was naked and his huge cock was just bouncing back and forth as he came to the table with drinks. Master leaned into her ear and suggested quietly that she should give him 10 strokes as a tip for knowing and bringing the right drinks. She turned beat red...looked and them both....then slowly complied....it was the largest man meat she had ever seen. He thanked her and retreated to the side of the room. Then in walked a lovely petite brunette, also naked.....she was in pumps similar to hers and the only other adornment was a lovely jeweled collar. Oh what is going on...she looked at the drink server he too had a collar on but she had missed it in staring at his huge member. The smug look on masters face realizing she now knew what was going to be served for dinner....and at that instant the vibrator came on again. She almost came from the realization that the fantasies that she had had many times was about to come true. With a look of realization and not panic on her face Master leaned in and ordered her to finish her drink. Stand and remove her dress, remove the egg...put on her collar...which he then laid on the table, and kneel and await further instructions. The brunette stepped forward and offered to take the wisp of a dress and hang it up....accidentally brushing her hip with those lovely fingers just enough to inflame the desire already built up. Once kneeling Master ordered the table removed and said he would be back in a couple of minutes. She kneeled wondering how far this would go but she wanted it all....she was so nervous, but the awesome kind that drives you to go forward for the reward will be great for the risk taken.
The Waiter and another that was naked and came from behind her removed the table and replaced it with  a large square ottoman, if you could call it that. I was about 4 feet by 4 feet and stood 3 feet of the ground.....she began to perspire as she realized she was going to be the dinner. When Master returned he was in nothing but his lovely etched stainless steel cock ring, not the torturous kind but the kind that accentuate everything down there. He was semi hard and brought his oversized balls to her for a good tongue bath. Master was then handed ropes by the other three and she was placed in a pearl harness...her memory fades there as once she is in his ropes and secure she goes away...her mind goes off and she submits to anything.  Then the blindfold was put in place , and she was placed gracefully on the ottoman. She felt more ropes and then he ordered the other three collared  subs to service her...the brunette began kissing her..the two men each suckled a breast and one fingered her pussy and the other her ass.....when master sensed she was close to coming he reminded her to ask permission and instead of granting it he ordered the others to stop.
He would tell her later of all the debaucheries things they did....and her body ached and she knew the story to be true....it hurt so good. It was a luscious night and she would remember it forever though they will have many more stories to tell here in Mister Knotty's Ramblings.
If you would like to name Master and his partner for future stories I am looking for suggestions. Let me know.
Mr. Knotty.

Monday, April 5, 2010

She came.....Part 2

She Came Part 2
They were in the elevator two floors down and another 25 to go and they got company......just as the door closed...the egg in her pussy began to vibrate....she squelched a groan as she knew that would only get her more of the same. Ten floors to go and it went off....Oh he is a sadist.
As the door man opened the limousine door he  hit the vibe again...this time she yelped. So, once in the car he put her over his knee lifted her short dress and spanked her 10 times....on one cheek only.....and damn he did not raise the privacy screen....the driver saw it all and his smug face was just visible in the rear view mirror. Then he pulled the egg out and since it was so juicy he slowly, excruciatingly slowly slid it in her ass...pausing to turn in on just before her sphincter relaxed and let it slide in further...he is mad tonight she must have thought. So aggressive....but well...who am I to argue...with that much juice running down my inner thigh, I must like it.
As the car slowed for the restaurant he slipped her dress back down and told the driver thank you. The elegance of the restaurant could be seen from the outside...lovely palms high arch...huge ornate wood and metal door that must have weighed a ton and yet it pivoted like it was made of Styrofoam. The hostess recognized him on sight. Once escorted to their private table in a private room he kissed her hard.  He assured her that the evening was going to be perfect and that she would be tested tonight. Did she remember her safe word....she nodded. Then in walked the waiter......

Sunday, April 4, 2010

She came....(Part 1)

They had been dating for some time....but he wanted to make it more. He invited her to join him for an evening of mutual satisfaction. They had discussed bondage and toys and the like be she was nervous, and he wanted to share his vast experience and his immense collection of toys. They had discussed other people and she was OK with that but would not venture far afield with it. She had some dark desires he knew it but how dark he could not penetrate her shields to discover. So that he might get her to disclose them he had a plan....a nice hotel....a nice dinner...some wine....and a blindfold.  She arrived about an hour after he had and came straight to the room as he had instructed in the text to her. She was dressed so nicely...peep toe patent pumps....stockings....a longer dress, that he would fix, and the big-hooped-come-hither-I-want-to-be-bad-gold earrings. After bringing her in to the suite, he pinned her against the door and took a ferocious kiss that stole her breath away. Then some nibbles on her neck and ears...and she was already moaning. Oh if she only knew what the night held. He deftly dropped the zipper on the back of her dress and slipped it off her shoulders....and down...down ... down to her ankles. He stepped back to take in her beauty. She was the lovliest creature on the planet...but the panties and bra were against the rules so he ripped them off and reminded her of the rules...she complied and bent over the sofa. 10 Hard Spanks. Sometimes he wondered if she just wore the bra and panties because she liked to be spanked. Oh that thought just made him so much hotter. Then he went to the closet and brought her a very short new dress, well if you could call it a dress. He instructed her to put it on....and then they were ready for dinner....almost....he decided to slip the remote controlled egg into her pussy first....the control securely in his pocket. He then stood her, kissed her hard, and again nibbled her ears and neck. He then dipped his fingers in her wet pussy just to make sure he was on the right track...they were he could tell....and then they were off to dinner.....

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a great Easter and Misterknotty is going to make another try for a comeback. Will post the start of a story by tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tied up Tuesday

Well it is one of my favorite days of the week. Tied up Tuesday. And since this is going to be a regular weekly theme, I would like to start off easy....what size color or type of rope is your favorite. How tight or loose.

I like heavier gage solid braid poly for my aesthetic rope work. Dark colors for light skin and light colors for darker skin.

If I am going for a torture tie or something that requires a certain type of mark well then we go for a smaller gage rope. Color is of little import here as it is the effect that is far more important.

Tight or tighter. For a general tie I like the larger gage and not to snug, but just enough to compress the skin 1/2 as much as a pain or securing tie. I also find, and lusciously so, that the tight tie is most often where a sub goes off into la la land. They go away to subspace not to return any time soon.

So share with me....what are your favorite ropes colors and snugness of ties.

Masochistic Monday

The votes are in and Mondays from now on will be Masochistic Mondays.

So we will delve into masochism.

1 : a sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation especially by a love object — compare sadism 2 : pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering

So I am not a masochist, but I know several who are. The question I have today is what part of masochism is it that you like. The Pain or the humilliation or the abuse or being dominated or suffering.

As for me, I like to inflict mostly Domination and suffering. Most everything I do is more mental. Teasing, torturing, and (I know I should not go here but...) ticking.

The only pain I really like to inflict is the pain of a tight bondage or of a really good spanking/flogging.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Long Absence

I know I know I have been gone from here for over a month. I have just been over worked and well now under appriciated. I am joining the ranks of the millions...I get laid off on January 1st...yummy.
Well at least I will have time to get caught up here. .....